MoonX today announced the launch of its new trading technology in the UK, offering a full suite of financial software…


MoonX today announced the launch of its new trading technology in the UK, offering a full suite of financial software and hardware systems for exchanges, brokerages, hedge funds, financial institutions and traders.

MoonX’s offering includes the world’s fastest exchange software, matching 25 million Transactions Per Second (TPS). This makes MoonX 150 times faster than its closest competitor; meaning traders can place 150 times more orders in the same time frame. MoonX processes one order in 6 nano seconds, by that time light would have only travelled 1.8 metres, making MoonX the fastest exchange in the world.

MoonX’s processing speed is delivered by its patent pending Matching Engine technology. Superior to any systems on the market, the Matching Engine produces computational and processing speed advantages which had never been achieved in the past. The exchange is built with enterprise-grade security, is hosted on physical servers, and uses AI, facial and mood recognition technology to go beyond 2-factor authentication.

MoonX is engineered by an expert team with a combined 200+ years’ experience and has an institutional client base on the likes of TPICAP and CME

In addition to its Exchange Software, MoonX also offers its clients:

  • Custodian services: In place of using traditional clearing houses and custodian services, MoonX uses blockchain technology to store data on securities transactions and for taking custody of securities, enabling greater transparency, military grade protection of assets, speed and cost efficiency. Blockchain also enables unparalleled scalability; the processing speed doesn’t slow down even at huge numbers of transactions.  
  • Wallet solution: Crafted for Stock & Commodity Exchanges, Blockchain Powered Exchanges, Forex Traders, Banks, OTC’s & Brokers.
  • Risk management system: MoonX is building a powerful AI-based financial risk automation toolkit for futures, options and leverage trading that minimises financial risk and keep businesses protected and pro-active against financial risks.
  • Security consulting services: A unique service unlike any other provider, ensuring clients have the correct controls in place to prevent exchange wallet or co-location transaction hacks.  MoonX offers security consulting services to Exchanges, Wallets, Integrators and Co-location participants.
  • NOC and SOC services: Monitoring and handling cyber security incidents with manual systems and advanced AI algorithms.  

Dr Nithin Palavalli, Founder and Chief Executive, MoonX comments:

“We observed that the flow of trading is often hindered by obsolete technology and redundant dataflow structures, used by many parts of the financial services industry.  Although, the use of blockchain technology in the financial sector is maturing. However, the underlying foundation, exchange technology has been stuck with little to no improvements, despite heavy investments.

Running an exchange on cloud only infrastructure hinders security and exponentially lowers the operational speed. There is a great need for running the exchange on bare metal servers with proprietary Gateways and Binary APIs. With our MoonX exchange and suite of solutions we are delivering speed, scalability, security and smart surveillance solutions. The speed we provide to businesses means we enhance their efficiency by bringing more opportunities for savings that too consistently for a longer period of time. We welcome institutions to explore our platform and witness transactions throughput at the lightning speed.

We are using trusted traditional financial technologies and the blockchain architecture to meet the needs of the modern financial market and enhance trading capabilities in the UK.”


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