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This month’s exclusive cover story features an interview with Koh Yi Mien, Managing Director Health and Employee Benefits at AXA Hong Kong. Koh Yi Mien reveals how technology is only one part of the healthcare insurance giant’s digital transformation journey.

Yi Mien points to a global drive for greater transparency, accountability, use of data and technology as well as promoting customer choice as key drivers of change in the insurance space. “It’s no longer a case of simply providing reimbursement to people when they need treatment,” she says. “It’s about being the patient’s partner throughout their whole life… so we are there to help and support them in their times of need.” 

Elsewhere, we have an absorbing interview with former Amazon exec John Rossman, Managing Partner at Rossman Partners, who explores the concept of digital transformation in his book Think Like Amazon. We also feature Jay Weintraub, founder and CEO of event InsureTech Connect, who explains why it’s the largest, most focused and relevant gathering of insurance industry executives, entrepreneurs and investors in the world. Plus, we list the greatest events and conferences of the year ahead.

Enjoy the issue!

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