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This month’s exclusive cover story features an interview with Joseph Lee, Vice President of Procurement and Subcontracts at AECOM Management Services, who tells us how the company optimises its procurement to become a strategic sourcing organisation.

Lee leads all procurement and subcontracting for AECOM’s Management Services Group — an organisation with more than US$4 billion in annual revenue and operations in more than 25 countries. Joining the business in early 2017, Lee was tasked with creating a plan to transform the procurement organisation and to assess it in its existing format. Here, he found that procurement was still viewed as something of a cost centre.

“They received requirements and executed them. That was it,” he explains. “There was little value-add; no metric, performance or accountability to the team. After assessing, I recommended we stand up a strategic organisation; one more forward-leaning that could negotiate long-term agreements in order to create efficiencies in our transactions…”

We also feature an incredible article with Maytham Al-Khairulla, VP of Business Support at OSN, while negotiation techniques in procurement are discussed by Eman Abouzeid, Global Procurement and Supply Chain Professional.

Enjoy the issue!

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