Welcome to the May issue of Interface magazine! Our cover story this month features FWD Philippines’ CTO Rogelio ‘Nooky’ Umali,…


Welcome to the May issue of Interface magazine!

Our cover story this month features FWD Philippines’ CTO Rogelio ‘Nooky’ Umali, who gives us the lowdown on disrupting the life insurance sector. Umali and his team put the customer experience at the very centre of its innovations: “We ensured that every single leg of a customer’s journey was assessed and then identified which parts were the real pain points. The solutions were then focused on resolving these pain points.”

Elsewhere, we feature Ed Clark, Chief Information Officer at the University of St. Thomas, Minnesota, the guys behind innovative EV chargers Andersen EV, Cranford Group’s Rachel McElroy and ‘CIO of the Year’ Vennard Wright…

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