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The latest edition of The Digital Insight, featuring the U.S. Air Force’s CTO Frank Konieczny, is out now!

The latest edition of The Digital Insight podcast is out now!

Frank Konieczny, Chief Technology Officer of the U.S. Air Force, talks about how the role of the CTO is changing in a bid to add stability and assurance throughout organizations.

“What you will find in the field, especially in the Air Force is that we have a lot of officers moving around every two years or so because that’s the normal pattern,” said Konieczny in the podcast.

“They are now depending more upon looking at the CTO as the person that understands the mission and what they need to continue with. That’s the way we established it.

“We have CTOs and all the major commands out in the field and a few of the functional commands as well. We have established a foothold, if you will, throughout the organization, because that’s a dependency. A lot of the officers depend upon the CTO to tell them, ‘Is this a good idea or not?'”

Listen to the full, in-depth interview with Frank Konieczny only on The Digital Insight!

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