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Welcome to a packed August issue of Interface Magazine!This month’s exclusive cover story is with a telecommunications giant. We caught up with Verizon Consumer Group’s Executive Director of Sales Experience John Walker to discuss the telco’s transformation of its customer journey…

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The largest wireless provider in the US, Verizon, with its 4G LTE network, covers approximately 98% of the States. The company has transformed its customer journey, while boosting revenue in the process, in an omni-channel offering that has reshaped its sales strategy. Verizon Consumer Group’s Executive Director of Sales Experience across those channels is John Walker and it’s his job to examine the shopping path and the process of shopping in a bid to provide a greater experience for both the customer and the sales team. “We’re moving on,” Walker explains, “from having a channel-focused distribution strategy to a customer-journey focused one. It’s a big change…”

We also speak to Neil Williams, Director of IT and Digital Transformation at the University of Derby, who has overseen massive changes at this progressive tech powerhouse. Plus, we have an exclusive interview with Frank Konieczny, CTO at the US Air Force and Borislav Tadic, Vice President BMS & Transformation DRC at Deutsche Telekom.

All the best tech events and conferences are also listed, as are the Top 5 companies deploying blockchain.

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