Renson Ventilation has made a massive investment into IT to enable greater innovation at the company and it was a story that needed to be told.
"Renson is experiencing a great digital transformation journey and I was pleased by the interest of B2e Media in covering this challenging story and spreading it to the outside world. The professionalism and the attractiveness of the publication made it go viral on social media and the energy and empathy of the entire B2e Media team resulted in an amazing digital asset, that helps us explain our beautiful brand to the world and potential future colleagues." ––  Koen Van Loo, CIO, Renson
Sainsbury’s Tech is a brand-new technology division delivering integrated tech solutions across all Sainsbury’s brands and channels. It was B2e Media’s Interface Magazine that helped Sainsbury’s Tech announce its official launch this September, with a major multi-media campaign that provided a 360-degree view of how this new division would revolutionise the operations of some of Britain’s most beloved brands. Group CIO of Sainsbury’s, Phil Jordan explains why he feels Interface Magazine provided the perfect voice to tell their tale…
"Communication and story-telling is a core skill of a modern-day CIO as they lead digital and data change in any business. B2e Media has been a great partner in designing, framing and publishing our transformation story and that of some of our main partners. They clearly understood the ambitions, scale and importance of the project and worked closely with us to get our story out there." ––  Phil Jordan, Group CIO, Sainsbury’s