Sainsbury’s Tech is a brand-new technology division delivering integrated tech solutions across all Sainsbury’s brands and channels. It was B2e Media’s Interface Magazine that helped Sainsbury’s Tech announce its official launch this September, with a major multi-media campaign that provided a 360-degree view of how this new division would revolutionise the operations of some of Britain’s most beloved brands. Group CIO of Sainsbury’s, Phil Jordan explains why he feels Interface Magazine provided the perfect voice to tell their tale…
"Communication and story-telling is a core skill of a modern-day CIO as they lead digital and data change in any business. B2e Media has been a great partner in designing, framing and publishing our transformation story and that of some of our main partners. They clearly understood the ambitions, scale and importance of the project and worked closely with us to get our story out there." ––  Phil Jordan, Group CIO, Sainsbury’s
Renson Ventilation has made a massive investment into IT to enable greater innovation at the company and it was a story that needed to be told.
"Renson is experiencing a great digital transformation journey and I was pleased by the interest of B2e Media in covering this challenging story and spreading it to the outside world. The professionalism and the attractiveness of the publication made it go viral on social media and the energy and empathy of the entire B2e Media team resulted in an amazing digital asset, that helps us explain our beautiful brand to the world and potential future colleagues." ––  Koen Van Loo, CIO, Renson
B2e Media enjoyed a close working relationship with the University of St. Thomas, Minnesota, when showcasing its holistic, collaborative approach to digitally transforming the student experience…
"As technology and digital approaches increasingly become core to organisational brand and strategy, the opportunity to highlight transformational ambitions, outcomes, and key partnerships is extremely valuable for any business. As the CIO and CDO for the University of St. Thomas, I found working with B2e Media to be a fantastic way to tell our story and I was extremely impressed with their commitment to publishing a compelling and comprehensive overview of our transformation efforts.”" ––  Edmund Clarke, VP Innovation & Technology Services - University of St. Thomas
Neil Williams, Director of IT and Digital Transformation at the University of Derby was proud to reveal how a massive digital transformation was enriching every element of this forward-thinking educational establishment…
"“I had a great time working with Andy and B2E Media and it was particularly nice to have an article produced that had a unique focus and helped me communicate the great work my team does at the University of Derby. I have received lots of positive feedback and I am very pleased with the quality of the produced content and the coverage we received.”" ––  Neil Williams, Director of IT and Digital Transformation - University of Derby
HCT Procurement has undergone nothing short of a revolution involving a massive effort from all its stakeholders as the organisation brings the HCT 4.0 Strategic Plan to life. HCT asked B2e Media to tell its story and was thrilled with the results.
"“The HCT procurement journey is so important to us and so we wanted the details to be presented and illustrated to the world in a professional way, and this was perfectly achieved by the B2e Media team, led by Heykel and his colleagues. This experienced digital media company showed us how best to present our experience and success to the world and the publishing process was a joy to be involved in. The impact of our collaboration was obvious and instant and has enhanced both HCT, and the department’s, reputations both inside and outside the UAE as we move towards achieving our goals. Thank you so much!”" ––  Mahmoud Al Alawi, Director, Procurement & Contracts, HCT
Rising customer expectation linked to increased fees, and a battle to establish points of differentiation in a highly competitive marketplace, higher education has had to respond to the changing needs of the client, and nowhere is that more evident than at Staffordshire University, which spearheaded a massive digital revolution in an attempt to truly harness digital.
"“I very much enjoyed working with B2e Media who showed great skill and insight when translating our digital transformation journey into a compelling story. They were particularly effective at drawing out the human aspects of our transformation as opposed to focussing on just the technology, to create something much more impactful than a traditional article. We are very pleased with the feature that has resonated across a broad range of readers.”" ––  Andrew Proctor Pro Vice Chancellor – Digital, Staffordshire University