As location data continues to dictate customer interactions, Tableau Software redefines the data driven conversation, following the unveiling of its…


As location data continues to dictate customer interactions, Tableau Software redefines the data driven conversation, following the unveiling of its latest next-generation mapping capabilities that will enhance how people anaylse location data.

With the general availability of Tableau 2019.2 now live, the company’s product offering allows for greater understanding of location data through mapping technology. The latest release utilises Mapbox mapping technology to implement vector maps that allow people to see more detailed location data and perform greater analysis.  The newest version also includes parameter actions for more visual interactivity.

This comes at a key time in the location data conversation, as recent reports indicate that by 2022, 30% of customer interactions will be influenced by real-time location analysis.  Tableau can now provide a more efficient and smoother experience as well as provide far greater background mapping layers to geospatial data, including train stations, building footprints and terrain information.

PATH, a global health organisation that uses Tableau and Mapbox to monitor reported cases of diseases more easily and precisely keep tabs on communicable diseases in hot spots, will see key benefits from these new geospatial capabilities.

“Monitoring the reported cases of diseases like malaria will be enhanced greatly by accurately placing those cases on a map. As visualisation tools, maps engender a sense of both place and scale. They also instigate exploration and discovery, so decision makers can see where diseases are emerging and make comparisons to where they have available resources such as health facilities, drugs, diagnostics or community health workers.” said Jeff Bernson, Vice President, Technology, Analytics and Market Innovation at PATH. “By adding more accurate and detailed vector mapping into our work with Tableau through initiatives like Visualize No Malaria, our country partners can more easily and precisely keep tabs on communicable diseases in hot spots, and get help to those who need it faster.”

Tableau 2019.2 follows the recent introduction of its Ask Data platform. Revealed earlier this year, Ask Data uses the power of natural language processing to enable people to ask data questions and get an immediate visual response.

“Tableau’s unparalleled community inspires and motivates our rapid pace of innovation. With every release, we are working to simplify and enhance the analytics experience so that even more people can easily ask and answer questions of their data,” said Francois Ajenstat, Chief Product Officer at Tableau. “From empowering new analytical creativity with parameter actions, to unlocking the power of spatial data through a richer, more advanced mapping experience, Tableau 2019.2 takes interactivity to the next level for our customers.”

You can find out more information on Tableau 2019.2 and a full breakdown of its features at


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