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September issue of Interface Magazine is live!

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Welcome to the September issue of Interface Magazine!

This month’s exclusive cover story explores a massive transformation of a beloved retail giant. We travelled to Sainsbury’s HQ to meet Group CIO Phil Jordan, the driving force behind Sainsbury’s Tech, a brand-new technology division delivering integrated tech solutions across all of Sainsbury’s brands and channels. 

The challenge for Sainsbury’s was how to escape the confines of a traditional structure, formed from its well-defined, successful brands, and nimbly provide a unified customer experience that allows it to meet its competitors head on. “I genuinely think, if you’re a technologist, retail is
an unbelievable place to practise your trade,” explains Jordan.

We also have an exclusive interview with Bruno Schenk, Head of Digital Transformation at UPC Business Switzerland, who details how the telco and ICT provider is successfully navigating a digital transformation.

Elsewhere, we speak to Edward Rybicki, SVP
and Global CIO of Vyaire Medical, as he details how
a four pillar IT strategy enables digital prowess in the medical device market and Keon Van Loo, CIO of Renson Ventilation reveals how its investment in IT is enabling innovation.

Plus, we feature the five smartest factories, and list all the top tech events and conferences from around the world.

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