Sourcing Solved: Securing Top Procurement Talent in the Digital Age

Sourcing Solved and CPOstrategy look at identifying, assessing and hiring the best and the brightest talent

CPOstrategy and Sourcing Solved have worked together to release a shared Knowledge Note, designed to provide you with an accurate and highly useful picture of the current market for talent, including its unique demographic make-up to better position your organisation for success.

Included in this knowledge sharing exercise, we have also provided you with a new yet proven and more effective methodology for identifying, assessing and ultimately hiring not only the best and the brightest candidate but the one that best aligns with your company’s objectives and culture.

This Knowledge Note is available through a collaborative effort between Sourcing Solved and CPOStrategy.

Click the image below to access your copy of the Knowledge Note.

Sourcing Solved is an executive search consultancy specialising in procurement. Its team helps businesses to recruit outstanding leaders to seamlessly deliver their procurement and supply chain strategy.

With a network that encompasses the UK, Europe, Asia and the US, Sourcing Solved actively seeks the best talent who will deliver on their promises, helping you build a better working relationship with your stakeholders.

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