INVERTO seeks to understand procurement’s purpose and role in this new era as well as how procurements impact on current challenges can be improved.


Procurement is embracing core challenges including the coronavirus crisis, whilst striving to deliver growth and digitalization in a competitive and uncertain environment. With its Chief Procurement Officers (CPO) survey INVERTO seeks to understand procurement’s purpose and role in this new era as well as how procurements impact on current challenges can be improved.

What will be procurement’s purpose and future role in an organization, and how can you shape it? Over 185 procurement leaders from different industries took part in INVERTO’s latest CPO Survey “Procurement Purpose & Impact” to answer these questions. Lance Younger, Managing Director, and Jonathan Sing, Project Manager, from INVERTO UK, will present the results in two webinars. Participation is free of charge. 

“The findings are truly encouraging; Procurement teams across industries are maturing, raising their game and changing their focus to serve business and society in new and better ways. The path for Procurement is pretty clear so now we all need to make the dream come true. ” Thomas Udesen, Chief Procurement Officer, Bayer AG.

According to the survey, 85% of the respondents understand how their procurement teams contribute to the wider organizational purpose and that procurement has a defined purpose. There is a correlation between high performance and clarity of purpose and alignment of core capabilities, roles and mindset.  

“Procurement has a pivotal role in ensuring value creation within their organization that has material impact on people, planet and profit.  There is a clear imperative to act now, activate purpose, invest in people, gear up and transform to succeed.” Lance Younger, Managing Director, INVERTO UK.

The study seeks to understand how procurement transforms, thereby exploring and effectively mapping the links between procurement’s purpose, its role, capabilities, future ways of working and the impact that procurement delivers.

The webinar will give insights on the key findings of the survey and will explain what to consider when shaping procurement’s future.

Webinar Agenda

Key findings on procurement challenges and trends

Purpose, procurement roles and capabilities 

Business partnering and transformation success factors

Former transformation achievements and performance

Call to action: how procurement leaders translate their purpose into meaningful actions to transform procurement

Webinar Dates

Thursday 31st March from 11am GMT

Tuesday, 7th April from 11am GMT

Participants can join by registering here:


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