This month’s exclusive cover story features Nathan Fisher, Executive Vice President, Chief Procurement Officer, at Hexion, who reflects on a global procurement vision that empowers people to make sustainable change…


As the year continues to fly by, we continue to bring you some of the biggest stories tackling the real heart of the procurement and supply chain landscape, and this month’s cover star is a true testament to that. 

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Nathan Fisher, Executive Vice President, Chief Procurement Officer, at Hexion, has a story that might make you do a double take. In a world where we are constantly moving from job to job, delivering transformation projects, realigning procurement functions and moving on to the next challenge, Nathan has been at Hexion for 15 years. Why? A commitment to results, responsible procurement and most importantly – investing in people. 

“I love to develop people,” he says. “I like to coach them and I enjoy watching others develop, move up and move on, and achieve success (…) Hexion knows this and truly values their leaders and they want them to succeed and they want them to stay.”

Be sure to read this incredible interview as Nathan tells us that one day he would love to pick up a copy of CPOstrategy and find one of his own prodigious talents gracing the front cover! 

Elsewhere, Brish Bhan Vaidya, Head of Strategic Sourcing & Supply Chain at Uber APAC, why procurement is even more important to the ride sharing company than you think, and how it continues to drive the transformation of the business.

We examine the results of Procurious’ How Now survey on the impact of COVID-19 on supply chains, and what’s next for procurement and supply chain leaders, we have part one of a fantastic Q&A on the future of procurement, and Dave Brittain of Amazon Business tells us why procurement should be the hero in your business in digital transformation. 

Enjoy the issue!

Dale Benton | Editor | CPOstrategy


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