According to Spend Matters, CIPS (the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply Chain) and Hays Procurement and Supply Chain have…


According to Spend Matters, CIPS (the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply Chain) and Hays Procurement and Supply Chain have released their annual salary survey support, showing big increases in salaries for procurement professionals in 2020 – way above the national average of professions (3.3%).

For North America, the salary increase was 4.6%; in the UK, it was 5%; in Europe, 6%, in the Middle East, 7.9%; and in sub-Saharan Africa, a huge 9.7% increase.

CIPS and Hays compiled its research by surveying over 6,000 procurement professionals. Its aim is to provide a benchmark for salaries and bonuses across the industry.

“The CIPS/Hays report is about much more than salaries,” said Bill Michels, VP of CIPS Americas, in a press release. “It’s a valuable read for any executive who leads a team, as it offers an insightful profile of the environment in which procurement professionals work.”

The findings show that procurement is becoming increasingly vital to the way in which businesses operate – something that has been highlighted by the global pandemic.

One interesting statistic in the study is that 71% of respondents said the perception of procurement improved in the last year.

“It is very gratifying to see the strong recognition of the value procurement teams bring to an organization,” Michels said in the release. “For more than a year, supply managers have overcome tremendous challenges to keep organizations safe and producing the goods and services the world needs. We can expect that recognition to continue as procurement pivots from a need to ‘keep us going, whatever the cost’ to ‘keep us going, and manage our costs.’ “


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