Ian Moyse, EMEA Sales Director at Natterbox, on the need to be agile as a technology professional

Listen to The Digital Insight, with Ian Moyse

The Digital Insight podcast speaks exclusively to Ian Moyse, Natterbox’s EMEA Sales Director, to discuss what he describes as one of the most important skill sets in the modern day – the need for acceptance, the receptiveness of innovation and digitisation, and the ability to be agile as a technology professional.

“I fell into technology from an early age because I saw one of those old ZX81 1KB computers and I was mesmerised. It was very much a case of going ‘what is this?’ It was a revolution,” says Moyse on his beginnings in technology.

“Compared to today’s tech, you wouldn’t even blink, but it hooked me in.”

Moyse then touches on his professional beginnings, explaining: “I initially was a programmer and could program in varying degrees ten different computer languages.

“I went to work for IBM, but moved into sales on the basis of ‘I really understand and have a passion for this stuff, I know what I’m talking about – how hard can this be?'”

“Technology has completely transformed the sales industry. Now, you have to be more informed and much more aware of what you can do for the customer.”

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