Riste Tomeski, Head of Procurement at PLUS ES, describes building the business’s procurement strategy from the ground up, and explains why being ‘here to help’ is at the core of PLUS ES’s culture.


Riste Tomeski, Head of Procurement at PLUS ES, describes building the business’s procurement strategy from the ground up, and explains why being ‘here to help’ is at the core of PLUS ES’s culture.

Riste Tomeski has had a passion for procurement since higher education. During his university days, he acquired a cadetship at BlueScope for procurement. At the time, all he really knew about procurement was that it was a mixture of finance and law, which was what he was studying for his double degree. As such, it was of natural interest to him.

While the cadetship began with Tomeski as a business analyst, it ended with him focusing on procurement as a specialist. At that point, he was poached by AGL Energy as a commercial consultant. This allowed him to dip his toe into the renewable energy space in a role which touched on operations as well as procurement. “It gave me a different lens in regard to how procurement would operate – very different from sitting in an ivory tower and telling the business what it needs to do,” Tomeski explains.

Tomeski moved to Ausgrid as a category manager, working on the more traditional side of energy. This took him to a procurement lead role which enabled him to drive transformation before he took on the leadership of what was then seen as the unregulated business known as PLUS ES – infrastructure services and smart meter rollout across Australia. So while Tomeski fell in love with energy due to the renewable space, that interest bloomed to encompass every element of it and how Australia can harness energy better, cleaner, more effectively. Read the full story here!


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