Companies and people are talking a lot about sustainability and equality. As a society, we’re holding businesses to higher standards…


Companies and people are talking a lot about sustainability and equality. As a society, we’re holding businesses to higher standards than ever, choosing carefully who we spend our money with, and even who we will work alongside. Living in an age of information means businesses are regularly exposed for morally inexcusable behaviour, and for not upholding the standards they claim to live by.

Many others, however, are fighting the good fight – and they’re able to prove it. Consumer electronics business, Logitech, is one such organisation that’s not only talking the talk, but also very much walking the walk. And David Latten, Head of Global Indirect Procurement, is happily in the trenches of making the world a better place with Logitech. 

Goodness at Logitech’s core

“I think businesses have a responsibility to do good wherever they can,” Latten says. “It’s true of traditional industries that have been around for hundreds of years, and even more so for the tech giants of today with enormous teams and trillions of dollars in revenue. We are not going to achieve the toughest goals for society without the biggest organisations in the world making a move.”

Latten believes that, soon enough, there won’t be a question of whether or not to actively work towards improving sustainability and equality in the workplace, because new generations will be calling the shots – and they won’t stand for inaction. “Some companies may see it as not their responsibility to make changes, but excitingly, change doesn’t have to come from them anymore,” he says.

“Millennials are in leadership positions and Gen Z is entering the workforce, and these generations are driving change. They are leading organisations that might have dragged their feet otherwise. It’s becoming a business and commercial essential that you have to take on that responsibility because modern consumers require it.”

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