We just want you to know that we’re thinking of you.


The safety and wellbeing of everyone connected to B2e Media is of utmost importance to us – not just the wellbeing of our employees, but those who have worked with us to produce our content and those who have featured in our magazines over the past year.

We have taken the appropriate steps and all at B2e Media will be working remotely for the foreseeable future.

However, working from home and self-isolation can present issues for employees in many ways. Therefore, we are asking you to get in touch with any tips for maintaining positive mental health for us to share with our audience – we’re all in this together.  

Stay in touch with loved ones, check in on your neighbours, and look out for those most vulnerable in society.

On the publishing side, our magazines and The Digital Insight podcast will still be going live as usual. We hope that these can provide you with a welcome distraction and will result in some escapism for your daily routine, whatever situation you may be in. Our job is keeping you entertained by giving you the inside track on some of the biggest transformation stories going on right now.

condenser microphone on laptop computer with waveform on screen and headphone background, home studio & recording concept

As always, we’ve got a back catalogue of content for you to enjoy – including ten brilliant issues of CPOstrategy, featuring insight from procurement professionals such as William Hill’s David Medori and KPMG’s Martin Lee.

Here’s a word from our good friends at Trett Films:

Matthew Trett, Creative Director, Trett Films

“We are doing our best to maintain some sort of routine. I think not working in pyjamas is wise. Get washed and dressed before you start your day. I am currently working in the kitchen and so being next to all that food is probably not a good idea and will find a better alternative as time goes on.

As for keeping the business up and running, we are working on a lot post-production and pre-production on new projects. We are also looking into ways to develop a ‘passive income’ such as producing stock footage and developing an online video production course” – Josh Trett, Director, Trett Films

Josh Trett, Director, Trett Films

Wishing you all the best as always,

Kiron Chavda, President & CEO


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We believe in a personal approach

By working closely with our customers at every step of the way we ensure that we capture the dedication, enthusiasm and passion which has driven change within their organisations and inspire others with motivational real-life stories.