The DPW NEXT100 is DPW and its founding partner’s annual selection of 100 bold, innovative young leaders, united by a common goal: to generate new fresh ideas and solutions for procurement and develop the next generation of CPO thinking and was launched in 2022.

The aim, to develop and diversify procurement with 100 forward-thinking and brilliant talents under the age of 30 and celebrate the future of procurement!

What is the purpose of the NEXT100?

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Technology is changing procurement, and the demand for new talent is increasing exponentially. Unfortunately, qualified candidates are often hard to find, and the shortage of talent is about to become an even bigger problem for hiring organizations in the future.

DPW believe emerging talent is the key. They’re the future, and they can harness new technology, and drive the new wave of procurement transformation. 

Yet too often, the most brilliant people never realize their full potential for making an impact in procurement. Either they are never discovered, become isolated within their organizations, lack access to opportunities to develop their ideas, or face social and economic barriers. At the same time, systems for identifying talent – such as universities and employers – too often rely on existing, traditional networks. We’re leaving countless exceptional people on the sidelines. 

Imagine if we could find those talented people, connect them to one another, and provide them with the opportunities they need to solve real problems in procurement. That is the purpose of NEXT100.

CPOstrategy’s involvement with the NEXT100

DPW NEXT100 2022 Brochure

NEXT100 depends on trusted partnerships with global organisations that have long been committed to identifying and supporting emerging talent with the potential to build the future of procurement.

CPOstrategy is proud to be a founding partner of this exciting initiative.



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