B2e Media Ltd is dynamic & innovative, global digital media company, redefining the term “Value-Added Content” by differentiating the way Peer to Peer content is created, delivered and consumed.

Specialising in the topics of disruption & transformation within the Technology, Procurement & Supply Chain arena and by implementing our unique storytelling approach, we bring our clients personal narrative to life.

We are committed to creating a modern-day campfire, bringing together world class editorial, an unshackled & smart creative mindset and a continuing investment into better delivery through technology, to inspire our audience.

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Storytelling is the most powerful form of marketing there is and we strive to articulate inspiring, personal narrative into every word and every pixel, to deliver engaging and relevant peer to peer stories.

Focused Delivery

Understanding the power of your story, also means we know the value it can bring to your business.  You are not just another story….you ARE the story.

bespoke Creative

Combining your brand with our stunning in house, crisp, clean & modern style, we deliver a high quality, refreshing creative tone that is cleverly used to enhance the narrative to the story.

passionate narrative

We have a unique approach creating a storytelling tone to our content, capturing C-Level personal narrative to deliver the most engaging, relevant and inspiring editorial.

multi channel

Using Video, Photography and our Podcast to enhance the personal narrative of the story, we’re able to create several, valuable assets that allows the content to be consumed across multiple channels.


The goto source for Chief Procurement Officers and Supply Chain Leaders, discussing the latest transformation stories and the exponential improvements to supply chain performances, through converging efforts between people, partners, technology and process/strategy.

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Our dedicated platform for CIO’s, CTO’s and CDO’s, providing a definitive guide to Digital Disruption & Technology Transformation and the wider role technology plays in cultural and mindset changes within todays businesses.

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The Digital Insight is the technology, procurement and supply chain podcast that delivers valuable C-Level perspective into the core issues surrounding business transformation and digital disruption. Each episode brings the most inspiring executive insights from those leading transformation strategies within the worlds biggest and best-known companies.

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Click below to see some of our latest stories and testimonials

Phil Jordan Group CIO Sainsbury’s

"Communication and story-telling is core skill of a modern day CIO as they lead digital and data change in any business. B2e Media has been a great partner in designing, framing and publishing our transformation story and that of some of our main partners. They clearly understood the ambitions, scale and importance of the project and worked closely with us to get our story out there."

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Koen Van Loo, CIO, Renson

"Renson is experience a great digital transformation journey and I was pleased by the interest of B2e Media in covering this challenging story and spreading it to the outside world. The professionalism and the attractiveness of the publication made it go viral on social media and the energy and empathy of the entire B2e Media team resulted in an amazing digital asset, that helps us explain our beautiful brand to the world and potential future colleagues."

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Edmund Clarke, VP Innovation & Technology Services – University of St. Thomas

"As technology and digital approaches increasingly become core to organisational brand and strategy, the opportunity to highlight transformational ambitions, outcomes, and key partnerships is extremely valuable for any business. As the CIO and CDO for the University of St. Thomas, I found working with B2e Media to be a fantastic way to tell our story and I was extremely impressed with their commitment to publishing a compelling and comprehensive overview of our transformation efforts."

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Neil Williams, Director of IT and Digital Transformation – University of Derby

"I had a great time working with Andy and B2e Media and it was particularly nice to have an article produced that had a unique focus and helped me communicate the great work my team does at the University of Derby. I have received lots of positive feedback and I am very pleased with the quality of the produced content and the coverage we received."

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Mahmoud Al Alawi, Director, Procurement & Contracts, HCT

"The HCT procurement journey is so important to us and we wanted the details to be presented and illustrated to the world in a professional way, and this was perfectly achieved by the B2e Media team, led by Heykel and his colleagues. This experienced digital media company showed us how best to present our experience and success to the world and the publishing process was a joy to be involved in. The impact of our collaboration was obvious and instant and has enhanced both HCT and the department’s reputations both inside and outside the UAE as we move towards achieving our goals. Thank you so much!"

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Andrew Proctor, Pro Vice Chancellor – Digital, Staffordshire University

"I very much enjoyed working with B2e Media who showed great skill and insight when translating our digital transformation journey into a compelling story. They were particularly effective at drawing out the human aspects of our transformation as opposed to focusing on just the technology, to create something much more impactful than a traditional article. We are very pleased with the feature that has resonated across a broad range of readers."

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Martin Lee, CPO, KPMG UK

"Kiron and Heykel at b2eMedia, have been excellent from the moment they made contact all the way through to publishing the CPOstrategy Winter edition. They were professional, engaging and worked with their teams including Dale to craft a really great article that brought to life the transformation story. Really pleased to have had the opportunity to work with the team."

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Lutz Beck, CIO, Daimler Trucks North America

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Gary Steen, Managing Director or Technology, Change & Security, TalkTalk

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Jill Robbins, Senior Director, Global Procurement of Indirect Goods & Services, Elanco

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Jonathan Sims, CPO , Engie UK & IRL

“Working with the team at B2e Media has been a great experience from first contact to project execution. The team at B2e worked seamless with the ENGIE procurement team to skilfully capture our journey and story around people driven procurement. All members of the team were highly skilled and professional and worked flexibly and considerately with our internal teams and wider project stakeholders and external suppliers. The B2e media project partners such as Trett Films, were also a pleasure to work with and put everyone at ease with their approach and attitude. I would not hesitate to recommend this team to provide a unique approach to corporate storytelling and organisational showcasing. I look forward to working with all parties again on future projects”

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Lars Feldskou, Group CPO, Danish Crown

"Our collaboration with B2e Media & CPOstrategy has been both easy and seamless at every stage.

They have a strong, considerate & competent team who worked with me throughout the process, understanding in detail the full extent of our transformation journey and translating it perfectly into a compelling story we can be proud of.

Their planning, execution and delivery were excellent from the magazine cover story, our brochure, photography, videos and our podcast, all as agreed.

I’m very happy with the outcome and believe Danish Crown and our Procurement Team will realise the significant value from this promotion."

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Mahmood Shah, VP, Procurement, SGS

“Storytelling is a conversation and the fact that Dale made it so easy to discuss the things that I am most passionate about within Procurement was a tremendous help in allowing me to communicate the key focus for SGS Procurement in North America. Good storytelling is about relationships and requires feedback from the audience to gauge its impact and when it is done correctly, it has the power to change values. The viewership and reach of the magazine and the quality of the content was one of the primary reasons I decided to work with B2e Media and even if just one of those procurement leaders, who read the article decides to take up the mantle of sustainability within their organization, it will surely be considered the best outcome for both SGS and B2e Media.”

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Piotr Teodorczyk, Vice President, Head of Global Procurement at Olam

“Communication and story-telling is critical of a modern-day CPO, as they lead process and digital change management in business. B2e Media has been a great partner in publishing our Olam transformation story and that of some of our main partners, SAP Ariba, MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company; to get our story out there.”

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Philip Clayson, Chief Information Officer

"Kiron and his team deliver top-quality, well-articulated and engaging storytelling, providing an accurate representation of the technology issue being covered, taking often complex topics and presenting them in a readable, digestible format, for varied audiences across multiple sectors. His team collaboratively, and respectfully, work to engage both my industry partner sponsors and myself to create polished, credible and informative content, delivering on their promises."

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Dan Bartel, CPO of Schneider Electric

“I found the great people at B2eMedia to be extremely professional, organized, fast and fun to work with. The quality of their work was superb and is serving us well in delivering clear messages around our Procurement transformation.”

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John Vickery, Principal Technology Partner, Enterprise CTIO BT

"My experience with B2e media was fantastic, a very professional and personable team with a fantastic model that enabled our transformation story and vision to be communicated over a broad set of digital channels. The strong and creative production team succeeded in bringing our story to life and the feedback from our customers and our marketing team was extremely positive. Particularly the development of material in partnership with our brand team ensured content was aligned with our strategic narrative, this created valuable digital marketing assets we were able to utilise well beyond the initial publication."

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Daniel Chua, Head of Global Sourcing, WIK Group

Communication and supplier relationship to me is an art and especially crucial during this crucial COVID 19 period. B2e-media have truly made this a beautiful piece of art to bring my message and thoughts across the media through various creative ways. It was a pleasure to work with this professional and lively team

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Brish Bhan Vaidya, Head of Strategic Sourcing & Supply Chain at Uber APAC

It was amazing working with the B2E Media team from the time they first connected with me. It was a very clear and organized process managed by the experts in their own field and every person who connected was professional and had the right set of questions and expectations

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Alexandre Turolla, VP Procurement – Global Raw Materials, Mondelez International - Switzerland

It was a rewarding experience working with B2e Media. Heykel and the team at CPOstrategy guided the entire process till publication. What an experience to reflect and share a bit of our story and our passion for Procurement.

Keep on pushing the limits for our Function, guys!

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Jan Clysner, VP of Procurement and Sustainability, Budweiser APAC

It was a pleasure working with the B2e Media team. It’s great to see how they helped us to bring the “other side” of Procurement in the spot lights. A side that will help Procurement teams to play the role that can and should play.

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Nathan Fisher, Executive Vice President, Chief Procurement Officer, Hexion Inc.

I thought the article was outstanding and provided the right perspective and insight into our procurement journey and team. I really appreciated working with Kiron, Dale and the team. The process was thorough and pleasant to go through. Many thanks as it was a new experience for me.

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Martino Francois David, CEO, Danieli China

The team at B2eMedia was truly a delight to work with. I was impressed both by their professional approach and their attention to detail. Not only was the resulting article a fantastic piece showcasing Danieli’s vision and enterprise value, it also offered us a great opportunity to connect with many of our business partners. Great work!

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Rachel Lemos, Director of Procurement at Canadian Western Bank

Since the beginning of the process I felt the high level of professionalism from CPOstrategy and felt very comfortable sharing my story,

Through incredibly insightful questions, which enriched the conversation, CPOstrategy perfectly captured my thoughts and translated the key messages in a very professional fashion, staying true to the facts and highlighting key aspects of our discussion.

I was well supported throughout the whole process from start to finish and ecstatic with the final outcome. I would definitely recommend anyone working with this team of super stars!

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Poonam Soans, CPM, Chief Data Officer & Director of Application Development, NJ Office of Information Technology

"Brilliant! From start to finish, I had a great experience with everyone on the B2e media team, very proficient and creative - with a fantastic model that enabled my story and vision to be communicated on digital media. The insightful questions enriched our conversation, and Interface perfectly captured my thoughts and translated them in a very professional fashion, staying true to the facts and highlighting key aspects of our discussion. I was impressed both by their professional approach and their attention to detail. Well done!”

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Kiron ChavdaPresident, CEO & Founder

As our intrepid leader, founder & CEO, Kiron drives the business forward carrying with him 20+ years of experience in the media industry. As one of the shortest members of the team, what he lacks in stature, he makes up for in charm, Olympic level beatboxing skills (not true), the odd annoying silly voice (true)……and……more charm.

Andrew WoodsGroup Content Director & Editor of Interface Magazine

Andrew has been on this planet longer than the rest of the B2E team combined. Journalist, author and copywriter, Andrew writes about music, film, TV and sport when not covering the biggest stories in B2B. His work has appeared in The Guardian, Daily Telegraph, FourFourTwo and The New European. Celebrity lookalike: Lars Ulrich from Metallica.

Tracey HarrisMarketing Manager

Tracey is the newest member to the B2e-Media family and brings with her many years of marketing experience in all fields.

She is a proud mum to 3 huge dogs with coats on them Cruella de Vil would be envious of, especially in the winter months.

Dale BentonEditor of CPOstrategy and Host of The Digital Insight Podcast

Author. Dreamweaver. Visionary. Comic book aficionado. Plus podcast host. Resides in God's own; Yorkshire

Craig DanielsVP Technology Americas

Craig is our tallest employee. He’s almost certainly taller than you too.
He is a father of two young kids and they’re the reason he keeps coming into the office every day.

Craig has over a decade of experience working in digital media, mostly in the technology space.

A lover of football and (bad) food. He used to enjoy writing but stopped trying to be the next JK Rowling some time ago.

Alex PageVP FinTech

We’re a bit worried that Alex has an aversion to work…taking a month out before joining B2E, extended paternity leave shortly after joining and travelling around Europe in a campervan for 3 months with his partner and 2 young children later this year.

Speaking multiple (European) languages and relishing different food and culture, it’ll be a great experience. We just hope he’ll wash and wear shoes again once he gets back!

Previously working in FinTech and Financial Services in London, Alex now leads all content for Banking, Insurance, FinTech and InsureTech.

Andy LloydVP Technology EMEA & APAC

Andy was first through the door at B2e, bringing with him 5+ years experience in the media industry and a European Junior Open Gold Medal for Ten Pin Bowling. A father of three, his two football mad sons and teenage daughter keep Andy on his toes and his hair grey (we're all convinced he dyes it) A lifelong Tottenham supporter for his sins, and occasional superstar DJ, Andy loves to unwind at the weekend with friends and family.

Greg ChurchillVP Procurement Africa & APAC

Greg is a former Ice Hockey player that has had the fortune to work the world over. He is our only team member currently with a CIPS accreditation.

Known to wear Mustard far too often Greg also maintains the belief that West Ham Utd won the World Cup in 1966. If you are lucky Greg may also look to speak with you in broken Spanish.

Heykel OuniVP Procurement EME

Heykel is fun loving, family orientated man. Loves long sunny days, prefers to hibernate in the winter.

He is fluent in Arabic and believes he can manage a conversation in French (we never witnessed this happen).
He is Tunisian-British and so has family in both countries. He is a husband and a father of two, the youngest being just over a year old.

Heykel has 7 years of experience working in digital media, particularly in the Procurement & Supply Chain space.

A big fan of Quentin Tarantino. Enjoys watching films, especially true story based ones.

Mitchell ParkCreative Lead

UK raised, made in Vancouver
Varied experience in editorial, digital and print projects with a passion for problem solving.

Dog father, retro game lover, Automotive enthusiast

Mina GourlayHR Manager

A die hard organiser, crafter and earth baby. Mum to 3 dogs and 5 cats. With a background in IT, project management, quality assurance, HR and facilities, Mina has worn many hats during her career. She currently runs her own business in the horticultural field as well as being the HR manager. Tiger in the office, pussycat at heart.

Richard DeaneVP Procurement Americas

Deano, to friends and colleagues, is a recent addition to the team but brings many years of experience to his role. A huge sports fan, he also enjoys cooking and quizzing and is a fluent Spanish speaker.

Dhruti VithaniGraphic Designer

"It's pronounced like fruity, but with a D"

Food | Baking | Embroidery | A good pun

Missing a meal | Failing to tame her curly hair