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About Us

B2e Media Ltd is a dynamic digital media company differentiating the way B2B content is created, delivered and consumed. Focusing on the topics of disruption and transformation in the fields of technology, procurement and supply chain, our brands “The Interface” and “CPOstrategy”, aim to bring tangible experience and executive personal narrative to life.

From daily web content, monthly digital magazines, brochures, video content, social media and our weekly podcast - The Digital Insight, we’re disrupting content delivery for CIO’s, CTO’s and CPO’s from the worlds biggest industries, brands and companies.

We are committed to creating a modern-day campfire, bringing together world class content, an unshackled & smart creative mindset and a continuing investment into better delivery through technology, to inspire our audience.

Read on and get inspired.


Fully engaging with our clients underpins our success in creating bespoke, innovative & inspiring content. A truly collaborative mindset throughout from storyboard to social media, delivers content personality and ensures maximum impact.


Building a culture of transparency throughout the business drives integrity into everything we do. Through our staff, vendors, content, clients and our advertisers, this transparency creates a strong collaboration from ‘concept to completion’.


With a strong belief in continuous improvement, technology will act as a catalyst for change, growth and ultimate delivery of our strategy. Building & implementing a technology strategy that allows us to be agile in what and how we deliver content to our audience, also enables an environment where Technology & Creativity combine.


Modern, crisp and fluid design drives better engagement throughout our platforms. Creating synergy between both content and creative leads to better deliverability.


“From Executive, For Executive“

This mantra forms the backbone throughout our entire business and spearheads every decision from content to creative.

Referring to the style and tone of our content, we strive to articulate inspiring personal narrative into every word and every pixel, to deliver accurate and relevant peer to peer content.


Our brands, “The Interface” and “CPOstrategy” put the spotlight on disruption and transformation strategies within the fields of Technology, Procurement and Supply Chain, often the driving force behind evolutionary business change.

CPO Strategy Logo

The goto source for Chief Procurement Officers and Supply Chain Leaders, discussing the latest transformation stories and the exponential improvements to supply chain performances, through converging efforts between people, partners, technology and process/strategy.

Our Supply Chain and Procurement showcase series, gives light to core topics such as Procurement transformation, supply chain digitisation, contract management, supplier relationship management/vendor management strategies and beyond.

The Interface Logo

Our dedicated platform for CIO’s, CTO’s and CDO’s, providing a definitive guide to Digital Disruption & Technology Transformation and the wider role technology plays in cultural and mindset changes within todays businesses.

Our Executive Insight, gives a voice to technology leaders and creates personal, peer-to-peer narrative on company-wide disruption through technology, including change management, digital, big data & analytics, blockchain, AI & machine learning and more.

The Digital Insight Logo

The Digital Insight is the technology, procurement and supply chain podcast that delivers valuable C-Level perspective into the core issues surrounding business transformation and digital disruption.

Each episode brings the most inspiring executive insights from those leading transformation strategies within the worlds biggest and best-known companies.

Disrupt, Transform, Evolve